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RonN……….lead vocals
Stefan Schoener……….hammond organ

Tommie Harris……….drums


The Beauty of Pure Sound x Three


RonN, Stefan and Tommie have known each other for many years, sharing the stage in a myriad of formations and styles - the concept of TRIPLE TREAT was born of this beautiful collaboration.  Their unique interaction of voice, hammond organ and drums is infusing every rendition with strong grooves and inventiveness, creating a relaxed yet exciting vibe that draws the listener deep into the music.


Founded by lead vocalist RonN, this passionate group of artists does indeed give new meaning to  “THE JOY OF LISTENING TO LIVE MUSIC”.


Get hip to this Triple Treat Entertainment!


New Haven (Connecticut) born singer-songwriter-producer RonN always loves to tell a good story but especially when he can share it through his gift of song. RonN’s delivery is passionate and authentic with an emotional transparency that ranges from resonant baritone to throaty deep timbres including his beloved trademark – “the moan” – which is the powerful expression found in early RnB, Soul, Blues and Gospel. RonN’s special fondness for lyrical Jazz and the all encompassing “Joy of the Groove” are just two more of the many musical characteristics that add depth and dimension to his “vocal interplay”.


Classically trained hammond organist-keyboardist  Stefan Schöner has accompanied many renowned artists In the colorful realm of Afro-American-Music - Blues, Gospel, Soul, Mowtown and Jazz – Stefan’s heart feels completely at home.  The musician’s long, deep friendship to Tommie Harris and Ron Nehemiah keeps nurturing his passion for this great music.


From a very early age, Tommie J. Harris has been closely connected to music. He is a highly sought after musician - both as drummer and as singer - and performs regularly in more than 12 international bands playing Jazz, Blues, RnB and Gospel. Since 2005 he has been leading the Tuesday Night Blues and RnB Session in the "Orange Peel" in Frankfurt am Main. In 1987, Tommie was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.