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"The Voice"
A Tribute to 
Aretha Franklin


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"The Joy of The Groove"


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Special Guest
"The Weather Girls" 

 RonN peachred  

Ron Nehemiah Aka RonN "The Joy of The Groove"

From New Haven (Connecticut) into the world - singer-songwriter-producer RonN always loves to tell a good story but especially when he can share it through his gift of song. His mother’s love of Gospel as well as RonN’s association with many legends of Jazz, Blues, RnB, Boogie and Soul, instilled in him a deep appreciation for and love of all these musical styles, each having had a special influence on both his singing and his writing. RonN’s delivery is passionate and authentic with an emotional transparency that ranges from resonant baritone to throaty deep timbres including his beloved trademark – “the moan” – which is the powerful expression found in early RnB, Soul, Blues and Gospel. RonN’s special fondness for lyrical Jazz and the all-encompassing
“Joy of the Groove” are just two more of the many musical characteristics that add depth and dimension to his “vocal interplay”. Throughout his career, RonN has been traveling the world, touching audiences in over 70 countries with the music of his heart. He has performed with such musical legends as BB King,  Lou Rawls, Brook Benton, Al Green und Sammy Davis jr., to name but a few.

 Joan peachred  

Joan Faulkner "The Voice"

Starting out at the age of three in the children’s choir of her father’s congregation, Joan was performing at weddings and funerals by the time she was eleven - and at the age of only 14, she became the choir’s director. “The spirituals have taught me to express my feelings”, Joan always emphasizes. Her first recording followed when she was 17, and the young singer then became assistant director of the “Indiana State Choir”. In 1978, Joan Faulkner migrated to Germany and started a second career there. Small gigs in the Frankfurt area, where she woed the crowds at the legendary „Jazz-Kneipe“ and in army clubs, soon turned into gala events, and before long, Joan shared the stage with Caterina Valent

Joan went on to become the opening act for Percy Sledge und Ray Charles, and soon renowned band leaders such as Hugo Strasser, Peter Herbolzheimer, Dieter Reith and Horst Jankowski featured the singer in their concerts. At the “Tigerpalast“ – a variety theater famous beyond Frankfurt – Joan became “part of the inventory“ and the celebrated “Star of the Night “.
Moreover, Joan has lent her voice to “Milli Vanilli“ and “Boney M.“ - two pop groups produced by Frank Farian. With her powerful vocals, she greatly contributed to the groups‘ many hits, and Farian has called Joan Faulkner “the best black voice in Europe“. Her unique personality is coupled with an equally unique, warm and expressive voice. She both motivates and inspires her audiences, and always creates  a good vibe.

 Dee peachred  

Dee Dynelle Rhodes from "The Weather Girls"

In the realm of Dance, Pop and soulful grooves, the famous sisters have been a constant hit for more than 20 years. In various formations, these energetic ladies keep on delighting their fans with their powerful renditions and sheer joy of the music.

Their hits “It’s Raining Men” or “Can U Feel It! rocketed to the top of the international charts 20 years ago and have since become beloved party anthems around the globe.


The inspired musical summit of Joan Faulkner and Dee Dynelle Rhodes is a rare treat that keeps the listener spellbound – and on their feet.



The Nassau Soul Band

Nassau Soul BandNassau Soul Band 5Nassau Soul Band 4Nassau Soul Band Reggie keysNassau Soul Band 2
Nassau Soul Band 3  

Seven years ago, RonN formed the Nassau Soul Band. The name pays tribute to the mega soul hit Funky Nassau, released in 1971, and all members of this American formation, have performed with such Soul icons as Fats Domino and Marvin Gaye. The Nassau Soul Band opens the show with an electrifying musical fireworks, swirling the audience back in time to the golden era of Soul - a nostalgic and enchanting musical journey is taking its course...“All aboard! ...


Pure Voices of Soul

The harmonized and often spontaneously improvised interplay of lead and background singers is one of the main features associated with the sound and spirit of RnB and Soul. Therefore, The Nassau Soul Band has teamed up with some of the best Germany based Soul and RnB vocalists – the  Pure Voices of Soul.


Pure Voices of Soul has specially been formed for this project and unifies three powerful singers – all accomplished soloists in their own right -  with years of touring experience.


Together with the musicians, these talented vocalists weave a multi-layered harmonic, melodic and rhythmic fabric - and everybody starts to soar, when Pure Voices of Soul, RonN, Joan and Dee Dynelle take off on their exhilarating call and response improvisations.


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During the “hot 60ies“, it was primarily the driving force of visionary Berry Gordy which catapulted Soul music to the next level. Following his lead, Atlantic and Stax also evolved into major labels that – along with Berry Gordy‘s Motown Records – impacted and changed the world of music forever. Such exceptional artists as James Brown – the “King of Soul“, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and The Pips, and Aretha Franklin, the “Queen of Soul“, conquered people‘s hearts in a blaze all around the globe.


In their performance, RonN, Joan, Dee Dynelle, The Nassau Soul Band and Pure Voices of Soul are describing a wide musical arc that begins in the thrilling 50ies, runs straight through the Motown era and ends in the present moment. Together, they are reliving the evolution of Soul; and as they breathe new life into yesterday‘s beloved songs, these wonderful artists are connecting with each other and the listeners in  a  way that is unique and true – a deeply moving experience!