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RonN & The Gospel MessengersRON gospel


The charismatic singer from New Haven, Connecticut, performed his first Gospel concert at the age of six. Ever since then, RonN has been appearing at countless festivals, in churches and concert halls and on the television screen, mesmerizing the listener with his honest interpretation of traditional and contemporary Afro-American music literature.


In his Gospel Messengers, RonN unites several outstanding soloists to create a homogeneous, touching sound body. Over the years, many gospel groups have come and gone – RonN and his Messengers, however, have been conveying the message of love, tolerance and hope, singing of the search and longing for peace, for the last 25 years.  In their featured solos, the singers bring their own authentic voices to the music – up-close-and-personal, the listener experiences the wondrous, expressionistic world of gospel and spirituals – from the traditional roots all the way to the “swinging adaptations of the jazz era” (Frank Peter Unterreiner)



The Power of Music

“The audience was enthralled, swinging and clapping along. Seldom before, have these churches experienced such a solemn and at the same time boisterously joyful atmosphere.”

(Frank Peter Unterreiner)


“During the two-and-a-half-hour concert at the Stadtkirche, there was not a single empty seat to be found…elated and pensive, affected by the power of the music and lyrics, the listeners left the churches – impressed by the black omnipresence of beauty, strength, grace, spirit, fervor and musicality on the podium…”

(Der Teckbote)

Reggie Moore – a true magician at the piano

GM Reggie moore

Tommie Harris – The rhythmic backbone of the Gospel Messengers

GM Tommie


Since founding the Gospel Messengers, RonN has produced four gospel CDs.


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