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The Circus of Music
presents the world's first Mobile Show Club

Total capacity 2,400 seats or 3,500 standing guest, serviced by 8 bars

The first of its kind anywhere on the globe!


Our Show Tent

The design will innovate the tent business promotion and we could create an additional revenue generated business, through off-season rental. The magic is to be totally operational in 30 hours. This innovative design is created for live music show performances. Another first for the ROOTS creative team! With the creation of this tent we reduced our overhead by 2 million Euros based on projected leasing cost in Germany!



Team and Key Roles

  • Ron Nehemiah (Inhaber und General Manager)
  • Tommie Harris (Senior Partner Blues / Jazz, Projektpartner und Musikberater seit über 30 Jahren)
  • William Planz (Geschäftsberater / Projektberater seit über 20 Jahren)
  • Manuela Salih (Pressearbeit / PR Consultant seit 2000)
  • Alfred Boehm (Wirtschaftsprüfer / Steuerberater in EU-Steuerangelegenheiten seit über 15 Jahren)
  • Jorn-Peter Lolies (Bluestone Marketing & Design / Marketinglösungen seit 2007)

Partners and Resources

Q. C. Music Label Song Library for Shows

1500 original songs, 6 styles to be used to produce CD's and DVD's for merchandising for shows world- wide sales during show and stores and online sales outlets.



Artist management and special show productions. Exclusive show creations for The Circus of Music World Tour 2020 & Beyond

For more information send email request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) an we send you a full PDF, so you can see the detailed supporting data at your leisure.