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"JAZZ is more than merely a musical art form.
It is a way of life – of thinking and perceiving.
A vision of symbiotic coexistence;
the improvisational process called human life.
Man In harmony with his surroundings.
BEING in harmony with LIFE.”

Ron Nehemiah aka RonN 

 Quentin Circle Projects

was born from this train of thought.

First conceived by RonN, this joint enterprise fuses the energies and creativity of four renowned artists that have both worked together and been close friends for decades.


RonN is a visionary producer and mesmerizing storyteller with a unique baritone who grew up in the realm of gospel, blues, RnB, soul and jazz and has been sharing the music of his heart with audiences around the globe. Throughout his career, he has traveled to and produced concert events in more than 80 countries and performed in over 65 countries.

Tommy Joe Harris is an Alabama Hall of Fame inducted veteran drummer-singer-bandleader and founder of the legendary group “Heatwave”. He has performed around the globe and is currently playing in 12 different international formations.


Cornelia (Connie) Moore is a passionate German jazz vocalist-composer-lyricist who, while embracing her classical heritage, has found her true calling in jazz and improvising and transcends cultural boundaries with every truthful note she sings.


And, finally, NYC born Reggie Moore, who descends from distinct jazz lineage, is a classically trained piano virtuoso, composer, arranger and former jazz ambassador for the U.S. State Department. In addition to his dedicated teaching at the Jazz Institute Berlin, he has been impacting the music scene with his genuine “communicable music”.


Four creative people have found their way to each other – or rather, have taken notice of the unique connection that’s (been) alive and flowing between them. They share a deep love of music and the understanding that – more than ever – the (re)creating, passing on and evolving of music and art, are vital to the prosperity and wellbeing of all mankind.


RonN, Tommie, Connie and Reggie have decided to take their artistic collaboration to the next level. Each bringing to the QCP-table his/her individual experienced knowledge, these four extraordinary artists are conceiving, producing and performing musical concepts that make manifest and communicate all shades of human experience and offer a (r)evolutionary vision of BEING - beyond color, gender, religion and nationality.


“We hope that

As we play, sing and speak to you

You can hear, see, find and feel YOURSELF

In the truth of the music

We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us.

Please join us and REJOICE!”